Corporate, Partnership, and Individual Tax Preparation

We strongly believe that planning is crucial to the success of your business. Although we are focused on legally reducing your tax liability, we are focused on the strengthening of your financial position as well.

It is important for your business to have a healthy balance sheet and positive equity. These are factors that will help you to get a business loan when you need it, or help pull your business through economically challenging times. We will meet with you throughout the year to discuss your goals, review your cashflow and operating performance, and help you make decisions that can reduce individual and business tax liability, increase the equity of your business, or both. We prepare financial and tax projections as year end nears, and meet with you prior to year end to strategize, avoid penalties for underpayment by taxing authorities, and reach your goals.

Don't have a business….

We will assist you in making sure you have proper payroll withholdings to provide you with more money in your paycheck throughout the year, while paying in enough taxes each pay period to avoid penalty for under-withholding, and avoid a big tax bill on tax day.

We will also help you to make sure you are taking advantage of every tax deduction and credit available to legally limit your tax liability.